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Găzduiți un concert Classic Unlimited

We want to get classical music in as many unconventional places as possible. You can also propose a venue for the upcoming concerts of the Classic Unlimited 2018 tournament.

In 2017 we had concerts in former production halls, printing houses, shops, auto-moto service, bookstores, office buildings and the city.

“In Germany, where I started this project – called Klassik Mittendrin there – there are more and more people who are interested and make concerts in places more or less eccentric. It’s hard to say how it will be in Romania. But it also has a charm. That’s a surprise not only for the public and for the organizers, but for me as well. For me, the most valuable thing about the project is that I learn a lot, and concerts in atypical places change me as a musician and as a man, “says pianist Bogdan Vaida.

If you want to host a Classic Unlimited concert please write here: