About Bogdan Vaida

Pianist Bogdan Vaida was born in Cluj-Napoca on September 8, 1981. He graduated from “Sigismund Toduţă” Music High School from Cluj, then continued his studies at the “Gheorghe Dima” Academy of Music under the guidance of Professor Ninuca Oşanu Pop. In 2002 he left with an Erasmus scholarship in Freiburg, Germany, at the Musikhochschule, where he remained until graduation.

He has settled in Germany, in Freiburg and has performed numerous concerts in several European countries. Currently, Bogdan Vaida is the soloist of the Klassik mittendrin tour, which debuted in October 2015 in Germany.

“The idea of ​​singing in unconventional places I have for a long time. More specifically, I have looked for a form in which I can show people, whether they are connoisseurs or not, which I am passionate about music, namely its concrete content and its connection to everyday life. I try to remove music from the usual patterns in which the social context or certain social constraints often strangle her. That is, we bring it out of the traditional concert halls, where rarely people who have not been taught with classical music are coming,” says Bogdan Vaida.

The pianist states that for him music changes according to where he sings and hopes that this will discover all who will come to his concerts.

“It’s very interesting to me how music changes according to where I sing. Sure, depending on acoustics, place and conditions. But also affectively, emotionally, depending on the “aura” of the place and especially the people who live their daily lives there. Virtually every concert mixes music with the “art” of the place. Because you can also ride motorcycles or heal the sick or clean water … all sorts (we had a concert at a sewage treatment plant) can be an art,” he thinks.

“In Germany, where we started this project – called Klassik mittendrin there – there are more and more people who are interested and make concerts in places more or less eccentric. It’s hard to say how it will be in Romania. But it also has a charm. That’s a surprise not only for the public and for the organizers, but for me as well. For me, the most valuable thing about the project is that I learn a lot, and concerts in atypical places change me as a musician and a man, “says Bogdan Vaida.